Monday, February 8, 2010

Call goes out for open source teledildonics work

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Even the word "teledildonics" makes me laugh. I've been waiting for years for someone to get it right. This article makes it seem I'll be waiting a bit longer:

...panelist and sex educator Cory Silverberg hopes that sex technology will advance to the point where scientists can study intercourse remotely with the help of sensors and feedback systems.

"Everything we know about how sex works is from a very small group of people who have sex in a lab," he said. "While this is good, it's also highly problematic."

The union of two people inside a MRI machine is a bit too forced for Silverberg's tastes. So, he's looking for people to go home, smack sensors all over their genitals and then go at it underneath the humming comfort of a wireless network.

This isn't green but I think that the creation of fully functional virtual sex gear would be very good for women.

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