Saturday, February 6, 2010

Green Sex?

Like a lot of people I'm trying to be more "green" or "eco-friendly". I was glancing at my Sierra Club Newsletter and I came across an article about something I'd never considered before:

Green sex.

I'd never thought about it but it seems right that sex products could do with some greening. I'd never even considered the possibility that there were rechargeable vibrators. I've always known that most sex toys are made of some kind of plastic. Whenever I buy a new sex toy I have to take it out of the packaging and put it on the balcony for a week or two because I can't stand the off gassing. Don't worry I hide it behind something so as not to scare the neighbors.

The more I think of it, the I think it's a great idea. And if green sex is woman positive sex then so much the better. It's something I can get behind so to speak. So I decided to start this blog. This is where I'll post stories, links, videos and anything else that has to do with green or woman friendly sex. I don't post a lot of sex related stuff on my other blog or on Twitter or Facebook. I think sex deserves a place all on it's own where no one has to look at it if they don't want to.

I can't promise regular posts. There will probably be quite a lot at first. I may even do "product reviews" if I can swing them. Come back often and see where I've boldly gone.

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