Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MP seeks sex toy regulations

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Hurray for Canada trying to be a leader in every way. Now that I'm actively looking for green sex stories I find the most interesting things like this story from the Calgary Herald:
A Toronto MP is asking the federal health minister to regulate the adult toy industry after learning some of the chemicals found in the products pose a potential health risk.

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett sent a letter this week to Leona Aglukkaq that outlines health issues related to the use of bisphenol A and phthalates in adult toys.

"We do regulate the children's toys, so it seems appropriate that we regulate the adult toys as well," Bennett said.

BPA can cause early onset puberty, reproductive damage and lead to prostate and breast cancer in adulthood.

"It's an area where people sometimes are a little uncomfortable to discuss these things, but ... people (need to) see this as a consumer safety issue and an education issue," Bennett said.
Read the reactions on the Calgary Herald website.
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