Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eco-Sex: The Book

If you think that "green sex" is something you do with a leprechaun under a rainbow on St. Paddy's Day you need to read this book. ASAP. Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable* will open your mind to the vast possibilities for "sustainable" love.

Stefanie Weiss' book is easy to read and very straight forward. She provides lots of ideas and useful products for anyone who wants their romantic life to be eco-friendly.  The book also gives you a lot of URLs to get you started on your way.

Eco-sex is more than just the act itself. It's everything you do to get ready for the act. Think about your hair and makeup. Think about the sheets on the bed. Think about mood lighting. There are eco-friendly options for all these things. Weiss also makes you think about the consequences of sex (eco or not) which is children. Each unwanted child is that much more stress on an over populated planet. Some methods of birth control are more environmentally friendly than others. It's always good to know your options. Informed decisions are the best decisions.

While a lot of the URLs in the book are American they're a good place to start. With a little bit of searching anyone will be able to find local options for almost everything in the book. Reading this book opened my mind to what eco-sex is. I'm sure it will do the same for you.

*I was given a copy of this book by the publisher but I was not paid for this review.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Luxury Sex Toys: Who wants a golden dildo?

A French jeweler has created a dildo made out of gold. It also has a diamond wedding ring. The perfect gift for someone who has everything. Or maybe the perfect way to propose. There are four different models in the "Victor" line.:

Phantasm - 18 carat gold weighing at least 142 grams. Height 17.4cm and width 3.8cm at the widest point. Wedding ring has 90 diamonds for a total of  2.60carats. Base has 27 diamonds for a total of 1.63carats. Unscrewable. Can be engraved and/or tailor made. Price: 40.000 Euros.

Pulsion - 18 carat gold weighing at least 142 grams. Height 17.4cm and width 3.8cm at the widest point. Wedding ring has 90 diamonds for a total of  2.60carats. Unscrewable. Can be engraved and/or tailor made. Price: 35.000 Euros.

Glamour - 18 carat gold weighing at least 142 grams. Height 17.4cm and width 3.8cm at the widest point.  Base has 27 diamonds for a total of 1.63carats. Unscrewable. Can be engraved and/or tailor made. Price: 30.000 Euros.

Addict -18 carat gold weighing at least 142 grams. Height 17.4cm and width 3.8cm at the widest point. Unscrewable. Can be engraved and/or tailor made. Price: 24.000 Euros.

You can add a second ring in white, black, pink or yellow gold for 1.435 Euros. A second diamond ring can be added for 10.764

Engraving (up to 10 characters) is free. It is possible to engrave a design all over the object. Cost will depend on how complicated the pattern is.

Victor comes in a discrete jewel box or a purple drawstring bag.

The company's website has a FAQ page. Here are a couple of interestingquestions.
Q: What if my Victor is damaged?
A: We provide after-sales service of our products (except in the case of misuse) and can remove surface scratches. But if the hull was dented after a shock, the repair must be confirmed by our technical service and a quote will be sent to you.
Q: I hope to "get acquainted" with the object, seeing it in really. How can I do?
A: We're creating an international network of resellers located in the capitals, to enable interested persons to discover our range.
I don't think I want to be there when buyers come to "get aquainted". I don't know about you, but I can think of better things to do with 40.000 Euros.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Making a glass dildo

Beautiful and useful:

Did you know that Amazon sells glass dildos? Oh what a wonderful world.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Glyde Vegan Condoms Testing

I love my life. Especially when my letter carrier brings me envelopes full of brightly colored condoms. Or when I get to have telephone conversations like this:
Me: What are you doing Saturday?
R: What have you got in mind?
M: I have to test some vegan condoms and I need a lab assistant.
R: Dude!
M: They come in a bunch of flavors and sizes. I think I even saw a slim fit...
R: (quickly) We won't be needing those.
Until I stumbled upon a website selling Glyde condoms I had no idea that most condoms were made using an animal by-product called casein. Glyde's are made with a thistle extract instead. They are the first condom to be certified by PETA's Caring Consumer program. They are also a "fair trade" product meaning that the Latex rubber is sourced from owner operated plantations and the manufacturing facility pay their workers a fair living wage.

Glyde condoms come in three sizes: 49 mm Slimfit, 53 mm Ultra and 56 mm Maxi. They also come in five flavors: wildberry, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla and licorice. In Australia licorice is replaced with cola for some reason. All of the flavors are made from sugar-free food grade organic fruit and nut extracts. I'm not sure how "natural" cola flavor is but I'll go with it.

About the test:
The flavored condoms were tested first followed by the appropriately sized condom. Each condom was put through the same series of motions for the same amount of time. The reactions of both participants were noted after each condom. I drank water after each flavored condom to remove the previous flavor. Laughter was an unintended by-product of these experiments.

The general results:
R liked the way each condom felt. He didn't notice any difference between the Glyde condoms and the type he normally used. I had trouble opening the packaging. I didn't want to use my teeth so I had to get a pair of scissors. The lubricant used on the condoms built up as an oily sensation on my lips that I didn't like. The flavors didn't always cover up the latex taste or smell.

The flavored results:
"Wildberry" had a nice smell when I opened the wrapper. The scent quickly dissipated and only a hint was left while the condom was being used. There was only a vague taste of berries that didn't last. I liked the purple color.

"Blueberry" had very little smell when the wrapper was first opened and no smell when it was being used. This condom seemed to be smaller than the others as I had trouble putting it on. The blue color was nice if you like blue which I do not.
The pink "Strawberry" condom had very little scent when removed from the packaging. I gagged when I suddenly got a huge whiff of a sort of "bubble gum" smell when I had more of the condom in my mouth.

"Vanilla" is my favorite flavor so I was disappointed at the weak smell and even weaker taste. It was almost like using a non-flavored condom. Even the color was off. It looked a normal condom with a slight yellow tint.

We did not try the "licorice" because I hate licorice and R wasn't inclined to try it.

Vegan condoms are every bit as good as other condoms they have the bonus of being "green". I'm beginning to think that there is no way to make flavored condoms taste and smell good for the entire time they are being used. You can try them for yourselves. If you do please come back and leave a comment. You can be anonymous if you want to.

Check out Glyde's 9 Great Condom Tips for some very good advice.

Disclaimer: When I contacted the company to find out where I could purchase their flavored condoms I was offered a sample pack for free.