Friday, April 23, 2010

Walking A Thin Green Line

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Writing about sex can be weird at the best of times. Writing about eco-sex is a whole other ball of soy wax. I try to keep my posts relatively clean. I don't want anything that even comes close to making readers think of dark rooms, trench coats and paper bags. I do realize that what I'm writing isn't for everybody. That's why I have the warning you have to click on every time you come back. I have to do it too. It's annoying. But better safe than sorry I say. This stuff isn't for kids. There's no guarantee that some kid might click through the warning and find themselves here. I'm hoping if they do get in they'll get bored quickly and leave.

Last week some Grade 8 students in Halifax got a bit more of an education than their teacher had counted on. This teacher gave her students copies of the Ecology Action Centre's magazine called "Between the Issues." The teacher flipped through the publications which talks about various environmental issues before handing it out to her students. She missed an  askecoHead advice column that answered a question about eco-friendly sex toys. The column itself is on the top half of page 22. It contains straight forward information about which toys are best and why there is a need for eco-friendly sex toys. There's also this:
Disclaimer: We strive to make Between the Issues a family-friendly magazine. However, in the interests of covering a wide range of environmental topics, we have decided to include an article of a more adult nature. Please note that the following issue of ecoHead may not be appropriate for sensitive younger readers. Or for the author’s mom.
Not that it kept a bunch of curious 12 and 13 year olds from reading the column. Things really hit the fan when one mother had to explain to her child what glass dildos were for. The school board has since apologized to the parents but the genii is out of the bottle.

I can see how the teacher made the mistake. She expected a family friendly publication about the environment not one that dealt with sexual issues. Between the Issues is available for free in coffee shops and libraries all over Halifax. The kids could have picked it up at any time.

I think the EAC made a mistake in publishing the column. I know it is trying to be all things to all people but that's just impossible. You're either family friendly or your "adult". There's a very good reason for the separation. I don't like being listed with porn sites but there's nothing I can do about it. This blog talks about sex. I'm not family friendly. I won't be telling you what to put on your lawn this year. I might talk about having sex on your lawn but that's as close as I'm gonna get.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Eco- Friendly Sex Toy Giveaway

Feminist Review is giving away an eco-friendly sex toys to 7 lucky readers each day between now and Earth Day on April 22nd. Click on the link for contest details. One of the toys to be won is the We-vibe. That's the Canadian made vibe featured here.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chocolate and vibrators for Easter

Babeland sent out an email about a very special item just for Easter. What goes together better than sex and chocolate? If it's organic fair trade dark chocolate it's eco-friendly and healthy. If you want to make your own check out the video below.

Edit: I've been thinking that if you wanted to make a solid 3-D chocolate vibe you'd have to find out how much liquid the mold holds and multiply by 2. You'd also want to reserve some chocolate for the final stage. Then you melt have 1/2 the chocolate (minus the reserved) and fill the mold that's been sprayed with cooking oil or a little bit of olive oil with the melted chocolate. Put it in the freezer until hard (least an hour). Then repeat with the second half of the chocolate. When the second half is solid, melt the reserved chocolate and use it to "glue" the two halves together. You can wrap in cellophane and store in the fridge.