Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

I understand that for a lot of women, weddings are a big deal. They've always seemed like a waste to me. Not just money goes down the drain but after the reception everything from flowers to food ends up in the garbage. It makes my inner eco-warrior cringe.

Luckily there are some people working on making weddings green. British researchers have developed an environmentally friendly wedding dress that can be dissolved in water after being worn. Fashion and engineering students at Sheffield Hallam University developed the dress, which can be transformed into five new fashion pieces.

The dress has polyvinyl alcohol, a biodegradable substance that is used in laundry bags and washing detergents, knitted into the fabric. This enables to be dissolved into water without harming the environment. I can see a lot of problems for brides who live in rainy places (like Vancouver).  Maybe there will be a new market for giant wedding umbrellas in the future.

The dress is to be featured in an forthcoming exhibition, titled, a sustainable marriage, which will be shown at the university later this month.
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