Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Pharma Is Not Green & They Don't Care About Your Sexual Health

There's an issue I've been following. A while back I saw a documentary called Pharma Sutra about the race to find the "female Viagra." This "pink pill" was supposed to treat a new "disease" called Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) which, the drug companies claimed their studies showed, effected 48% of American woman.

I was appalled to learn that most of the so called doctors involved with the testing all had financial ties to one drug company or another. I was also appalled to learn that a lot of people don't think FSD is a disease at all.

The other night I watched another documentary called Orgasm Inc. The trailer is below:

I suggest you watch the full documentary here.

There's a lot of good information in Orgasm Inc. A lot to be pissed off about too. The idea that drug companies control research and basically create diseases really makes me angry.

Some women have sexual problems some of the time. Is this a disease? Is it purely physiological? In men if blood doesn't reach the penis then the show cannot go on. With women the physical aspects are more complicated. Women can still have intercourse if blood doesn't fully flow to the genitals. If lubrication is a problem there are natural lubes available. A pill is not necessary.

I know there are diseases that can effect sexual function. Diabetes and depression are just two. You can treat both of those with drugs and lifestyle changes. That's a totally different thing than saying that ALL sexual problems can be fixed with a pill, cream or patch.

I am offended by "doctors" like Laura Berman. Finding out that she (and her sister) was paid up to $75, 000 to go on TV shows like Oprah and talk up FSD and possible pharmaceutical cures made me want to heave. I went to her site and took the "sexual health assessment." I answered each question with the most positive of the multiple choice answers available.  My sex life sounded perfect but wouldn't you know Doc Berman knew she could help me if I bought her book for $14.95.

I seriously believe this woman should lose her medical license.

Which brings up another point. Who is to say that a woman is dysfunctional? That would presume that there is a "normal" every woman should/could strive to be. Who's dumb idea was that? Oh wait, it was the idea of the drug companies and their trained monke... doctors. We're all different. We have different lives/needs/responsibilities/desires. If there is some aspect of your sex life that is unsatisfying then, by all means, talk to your doctor. Just don't go looking for a pill to cure you because some quack on Oprah said you were dysfunctional.

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