Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do You Know What You're Sleeping On?

I'm thinking of purchasing a new bed. It's a big deal. I need my rest. If I don't sleep properly I am unfit for human consumption the next day. If it's true that spend a third of our lives sleeping, where we sleep should be as comfortable as possible. That third of you life is without adding in anything you do in bed when you're not sleeping.

In the US mattresses have to be sprayed with chemicals so that they are flame resistant (FR). No one knows how long term exposure to these chemicals will effect a person's health. When you sleep you have only a few thin layers of  material between your skin and the chemicals. If you sleep in the nude you have even less protection.

Someone recently posted a very interesting news story about toxic mattresses:

I realize that most of the evidence in this issue is anecdotal. But I also I know that I get a migraine after 15 minutes in a mattress store. And that's in Canada where the FR chemicals are not added. Even without them, there are enough chemicals used in the process of making mattresses.

I believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. Organic beds and bedding sound like the better option. Safe is sexy.

Here is a basic list of chemicals you should be aware of. You can find a detailed list of chemicals in foam mattresses here. To read some stories about people who became sick after purchasing a new mattress go to Chem-Tox.
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