Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ookie Cookie and Other Games

I like to think that there's very little about sex that I haven't heard of, seen or tried. This week I was proven mistaken. I came across a video called Chillin' On Glee. The song is by Mark Stalling who plays Noah "Puck" Puckerman on the TV show Glee. It's a cute song that says how happy he is to be involved in the show.

About the two minute mark or so, he sings, "oh Jenna, Harry, Heather, Dijon. Hey Cory, why won't you play ookie cookie with me?"

My first reaction was what the heck is "Ookie Cookie"? I had to go look it up. I was very surprised what I learned and I can't help wondering if Mr Salling meant to put that in his song. Or maybe it means something different to him.

According to Wikipedia (and other sites), Ookie Cookie is a masturbation game played by males. A cookie is placed on a table and the men gather around it. They all jack off and then ejaculate onto the cookie. The last one to cum has to eat the cookie.

I've known a lot of men, both gay and straight, and none of them ever mentioned anything remotely like this game. I'm wondering if this was the definition Salling was working from. Two of the people on his list are female - assuming the two lines go together - and therefore not able to play. If he is only asking Cory that's a whole other kettle of fish. The game could be played with only two men. To make things more confusing, the video shows Salling eating a cookie that is most definitely not "ookie".

So what does this have to do with eco-sex?

It got me thinking about sex games and how to stay green while having fun. A game where you eat the game pieces is green so I guess Ookie Cookie fits. If you bake the cookie yourself and use local, organic local ingredients then it's the perfect green sex game.

There are all sorts of Adult Games available these days. Everything from Love Dice to Stripopoly (seriously!) Whatever your comfort level there's a sexy game out there waiting. Board and card games that are used over and over are totally green.

If you want to up your green-fu then try playing games during the day when you don't need lights. Afternoon Delight isn't just for dessert any more. If your back yard is private you could play outside (didn't your mother always want you to do that?) but if you're going to play on the grass you might want to make sure you've been using organic fertilizers.

Almost any game can be sexified. Naked Twister? Strip Chess? Just use your imagination. I once played Strip Backgammon. Which reminds me, I still owe John 15 pieces of clothing...

I hope this little post has encouraged you to get your game on. If you find any interesting games come back and tell me about it.

For those of you who are curious, here is the video for Chillin' On Glee. Never let anyone tell you that Glee is not educational.

Update: To make things more confusing I found this picture Mark Salling posted. He refers to Amber Riley (Mercedes) as his ookie.

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