Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rhymes With Vagina

I bet you had no idea that you were smack dab in the middle of Julyna. What's Julyna? You ask. Here's a PSA to help you out:

If you didn't get it, don't be ashamed. Julyna might be the most misguided attempt at cancer fundraising ever. According to the  website:

The rules for Julyna are simple: Women will spend the month of July exercising creativity and personal wellness by choosing a style for their hair down there and sticking to it—as a fundraising technique. Women don’t have to leave it au naturel, or choose a standard pattern like “The Charlie Chaplin.” They can make something up. Get creative! Not only do we hope that Julyna raises funds for cervical cancer, but also that the added attention drawn below the belt will inspire women to take care of this area in other ways, i.e. through scheduled Pap tests or by discussing the HPV vaccine with their family doctors. I’ve been getting a lot of people saying “I won’t get to see the designs, so why would I give money without proof?” First of all, people give money to marathon runners and it’s rare that they will actually see him/her running. Secondly, do you really need proof of the handy work to give money to a cause that will ultimately result in saving the lives of many women? That’s right, I didn’t think so! So to all you philanthropists out there—get creative and get generous. And, if you don’t want to style your hair for money, please donate to the cause by sponsoring someone who is participating in Julyna this year.

I've got a strict rule. If someone, besides me, wants the hair down there to be a certain way then they have to take care of it. One less thing for me to bother with and one less expense. If someone wants to make my muff look like Yoda then they'd better have some mad skills. They'd better be quick about it too. I'm only going to let someone pluck at my privates for so long.

One of the joys of being a sex blogger is the ability to write about stuff you'd never write about anywhere else. This is were I think Julyna goes off the rails. I have never talked to anyone other than a lover about styling my beaver. Why would I? Unless I'm going for a bikini wax. That's almost like talking to your doctor. It's straightforward: “Here's what I want. What's it going to cost me.” I'm most certainly not going to start a conversation about my privates with any one any time soon.

Maybe the women behind Julyna understood that a lot of people would be put off by this campaign. People would want to talk about what an awful idea it is. Maybe getting people to talk about cervical cancer is half the battle. Could it be that, in the battle against cancer, there is no bad publicity?

 The Globe & Mail did a nice piece on some of the other, and probably more important, aspects of this issue. Give it a read.

BTW if any of you are going to go for a Julyna look and you want to send pictures. I'm sure I can find a place to post them.

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