Thursday, October 27, 2011

DVD Review: Hell

Hell by Cinema Erotique is a 16 minute film about a nun who goes to hell and finds it a place of extreme sexual pleasure. The “dungeon” is full of women being stimulated as punishment for some unknown sins. The only man in film has the job of carrying each woman over his shoulder from the cells to some new torture.

Who knew all the sex toys in hell would be pink? The butterfly and the vibrating nipple clamps look like a lot of fun. Too bad the film is so short. They barely scratched the surface of erotic “torture.” I think it might be a little too “arty” for your average porn watcher. And there's no actual intercourse which would turn a few men I know right off.

The women of Hell are pretty enough. Some of what they get up to is interesting. I loved the woman in head to toe body paint but her “roaring” got on my nerves after a while. I wanted to see her take a more active part in the torture. I think this film needed less “cinema” and more “erotique.”

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