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Review: The Heart of Tantric Sex

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I've been curious about Tantric sex since way back in the 80s when I heard Sting say that he and his wife practised it. It's been on my list of things to do along with reading the Kama Sutra from cover to cover. I finally picked up a book on the subject. Unfortunately it was the wrong book.

The Heart of Tantric Sex is one woman's idea of Tantra. The book has a bibliography but three of the 13 books are by a friend of the author and the other ten are by the author's guru. I think if I had looked at the bibliography first I would not have started reading this book. In truth I gave up after chapter four. I was just too disgusted to continue. Here's a sample of why:
Through being able to truly love and satisfy a woman in sex, which represents a man's deepest longing, he begins to feel himself more grounded, mature, responsible, loving, energetic. A genuine male authority and clarity arises. A woman in receiving and returning this love, begins to experience herself as innocent and sweet, the source of love and creation, and a delicate perfumed femininity arises.
 Men get authority and women get perfume? Give me a break.

The other thing that bothered me was the author's insistence that truly spiritual sex can only be achieved between one woman and one man. All you polymory and homosexual people need not apply.

I'm sure there are better books on Tantra out there. I'm just going to have to look for them.

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