Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review: Slow Sex

Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm by Nicole Daedone is a very interesting book. It explains the practice of Orgasmic Meditation or “OMing”. The majority of the book explains the OM “boot camp” (is anyone else tired of that phrase?) where in 15 minutes a day a woman can learn to be orgasmic. All the time if Daedone is to be believed.

OMing is for women who do not know their bodies well enough to know what gets them off. It's also for women who want more. More powerful orgasms. More of a connection to their partner. More control over their own bodies. It promises much the same results as Tantra without the spiritual woo-woo. I have to give it points for that alone.

OM is also for men who want to help their female partners open up. Or those who want to learn how to please her. I think every man wants a partner who knows what she wants and is comfortable asking for it. OM knows that our partners are not mind readers so communication between the participants is a necessity. 

I haven't tried OM. I have some sort of mental block about any kind of meditation. I have a sneaking suspicion that having a partner using only downward strokes on my clit for 15 minutes would drive me insane – and not in a good way. But maybe that's the point. Learning to relax, accept and explore. I'm not sure I have the mindset to make it all the way through OM boot camp but I'm all for anything that helps women get to know their bodies and their desires in a safe environment.

Daedone started a series of videos where she talks to other women about sex a la “The View” but she seems to have abandoned the idea after only a couple of episodes. Too bad. I would have enjoyed seeing where it would all go.

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